Average Penis Size? – A Woman’s Opinion

They say that a woman’s opinion is like no other. And there is no better way to prove this as to finding out what they say about the average penis size. While women will be most reluctant to discuss these matters, it is worth looking into – for knowledge sake.

A British Medical Journal Study

There have been a number of polls on average penis sizes. It is quite difficult to determine the exact figures as there are a few factors which can affect the numbers. For instance, a study published at the British Medical Journal has established that race and ethnicity can affect the numbers. It was found that average Asian penises are about a half inch smaller than that in Caucasians, and that the average size for African-Americans is 6 and a half inches.

Generally, a non-erect penis would measure somewhere from 8.5 to 10.5 cm or 3 to 4 inches from tip to base. The average figure is about 9.5 or 3.75 inches. Of course, shrinkage can happen, such as when swimming or during cold weather.

What About Erect Penis Size?

As to erections, an average man is known to achieve around a 100% increase in length when sexually excited. Those with bigger non-erect penis show a smaller percentage in erection – usually about 75%. So there seems to be a reasonable compensating factor for those who are “less equipped.”

Now, let us look at the sizes as far as the woman’s vagina is concerned. A typical woman’s vagina is usually 10 cm or 4 inches when sexually excited (3 inches when not). This means that penis with at least 4 inches in length when erect should be enough to fill it. BUT! A woman’s vagina has the capacity to lengthen when something is put into it (slowly).

This is where size becomes a factor. According to many women, the deeper you go, the more pleasurable it is. It has also been found that a penis that is longer is more capable of powerful thrusts, especially in erogenous areas. This is the main reason so many men use Penis Growth Pills to satisfy their lover.

Now, women are also well aware that size is only half the story – the other half is all about performance. But performance must be doubled when size is compromised. And a satisfying size coupled with above average performance is just heavenly. So the point in all these is that – as far as penis size is concerned, bigger is always better. So if you can go bigger, why settle for small? Your woman deserves all the sexual goodness you can offer, do something about it now.